Stuck Inside My Own Web Of Hell

Time To Be The Change

Be free, explore, never stop learning, and don't let anyone else stop you from getting to where you want to be. It's time to come out of our shell and help change the world

  • Breaking Curses

    This design was made to have everyone embrace being different and not fit into "society" standards. The "Lightbulb" represents having ideas and is the strengthen by being broken. Having the "Brain" shown is one having ideas that are outside the box . Usually one can say that this takes us on a journey we never experienced. Additionally, the "Chain" is a representation of hurdles one may go through. For example, some may have it be society or the enivroment one is around by.


    There is one theory that goes like this. You are the creator of your reality. If your mindset is negative and not towards any growth mentally usually you're in a never-ending loop which some call “hell”. However, instead of telling people, you're down and trying to face the pain, one would close off the world and limit one’s vision due to one mindset.

  • Self Hate Vs Self Love

    This design was made to express, how many people in society subconsciously harm themselves from growing. A lot of the time, it is due to generational problems that are never fixed in society. One has to realize that they are the only ones who can make their reality the way they want to.